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  • New
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If you could feel better, challenge yourself to push your limits, transform yourself into the best that you can be and have fun doing it.

Would you?

If you could surround yourself with positive, caring people that are doers in a welcoming, friendly environment.

Would you?

If you could escape to a place that would inspire and motivate you to achieve you’re desired outcome.

Would you seek it out?


When you parse the above word into its parts and see OPPORTUNITY IS NO WHERE, you may think “that’s just the way I am.” This limits your possibilities.

BUT, if you see OPPORTUNITY IS NOW HERE, then welcome home.

You are what you decide to be.

Power automatically gets handed over to the person who can seize opportunities with confidence – I guess because so many people “cannot” or “will not” do it.

“Cannot” really doesn’t exist.  If you dispute this fact, Helen Keller comes to mind.
“Will not” though is usually broken into two categories.  Ones fears, and ones lack of know-how.  The former often caused by the latter.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people refuse to do.

Take action today by taking advantage of our New Member Introductory Offer so you can see our beautiful studio and meet wonderful people like these;

Your classes are fun, challenging, and inspiring, I cannot wait to do more and find out what my body is capable of. In all honesty what I truly enjoy is how pleasant the atmosphere is and the people who accompany it. 

Take care and see you soon! 


I absolutely love your classes. You make yoga so interesting and every class I come away learning something new.  I’ve noticed a change in my ability to cope with stress and maintain a positive outlook on life, not to mention the physical changes of flexibility and toning.  Your classes and the way you teach them, make a difference in my life! 

Thank you!!

I really enjoyed your class and how you talked through everything – it was very calming and reassuring and made me feel less awkward being a newbie and unsure of the positions.  I can definitely tell I have a long road ahead with becoming less stiff and more flexible and am looking forward to coming in again tomorrow. Many thanks again! Very happy that Sara found the recommendation of your studio from her friend!



I truly had a great week at The Yoga Experience!  I loved everything about my experience with the studio.  You make everyone feel so welcome.  To be honest, I was initially worried looking online to see one person (you) primarily teaching the classes offered, but after the first class I was very satisfied and happy to have you as the instructor!  Also it is nice as a participant to not be jumping between random instructors on different days like many other places do, it’s stressful not knowing a new instructor’s routine/mentoring style.


I think it is such a beautiful environment and I feel like I fit right in

I am so glad I found your studio. 

Thank you so much, and I look forward to when I can come to another class.


Today you are on this page for a reason. Only you know the reason. Getting help shows strength not weakness. No matter what your challenge, don’t let fear or lack of know-how stop you from acting. Replace I cannot and will-not with I can and will take action today!

What do you want to experience?

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  1. Natalie Coulson-Larmore on March 27, 2014 at 4:51 pm said:

    I just signed up at a new member for $20 to take the beginner meditation class on March 31st. Can I register for other classes that week and how would I do that?

    Thank you,

    Natalie Coulson-Larmore