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Introducing Piloxing!

Here at The Yoga Experience I strive to make your fitness workout experience FUN and CHALLENGING, not boring.

That’s why I’ve added this new fusion workout to the list of classes offered at the studio.

I want to keep it fresh and fun so you’ll have no excuse not to workout.

Katie (Moulton) Christiansen will be leading this high energy class which is a mix of Pilates, boxing and dance. How fun is that!

Combine this with the interval workout class and you’ve got the Ultimate Workout to build strength, endurance and agility!

So join Katie for a FREE introductory class on Monday, August 31 from 6 – 7 pm.

Those members who currently have “unlimited packages” now have Piloxing available as part of your package. (One advantage of having an “unlimited” membership.)


Hope to see you there!



Deb Clark

The Yoga Experience

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