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Yoga working in health and healing depends on each one of us taking the lead in our own care. It’s not a passive role.

We’re not simply recipients of treatment from experts who know better. We are each in charge of an amazing array of healing powers. We each play the most important role in our own life.

So what do you tell someone who is really sick? They might be having a hard time. We can’t just tell them to lighten up, can we?

It’s true, our lives may not hold the same challenges at the same time. But we’re all going to go through it, good times and hard times, in the course of our lives. And we all have a good deal of choice in what we bring to those times, both easy and hard.

Of course you can’t simply tell someone who is sick “Be easy! You’re free!!” That would be silly, and not helpful. What you can do is support people to find their own way. And they’ll be supporting you, too. What we can do is support each other to see that we have these choices, and they’re important.

Is it hard to be soft and relaxed – to believe in our power to heal, to feel better – when things are very challenging? Yes!! But there are always things we can do – supporting each other, and for ourselves – exactly right where we are. We can always help each other create a path that eases pain and supports healing.

If we let the luggage go – all this weight we carry around – it’s not because someone tells us to. We let it go because we don’t need it – it’s not helpful – and we do it on our own time, in our own way.

That’s what makes all of this ours – finding our own way on our own feet. That’s what makes us – each of us – so creative, and so powerful. It’s a good thing to support, in everyone. It’s how we make something better, in everything there is.

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