The Top Ten Benefits of The Yoga Experience

1.   Improved Flexibility
2.   Improved Endurance
3.   Healing of the body and the mind
4.   Improved Strength
5.   Balance Therapy
6.   A lightening of your mood
7.   Improved mental clarity
8.   Happiness
9.   Reduction in stress and tension
10. Muscle toning and sculpting of the body


Things to remember for the best experience at The Yoga Experience

1. Leave valuables locked in your car.

2. Yoga and Barre classes are best done with bare feet for the most benefit

3. Turn cell phones off and don’t take them into the studio

4. Water bottles must have a secure lid to bring into the studio. Preferably twist off or pop up. No straws and cups.

5. Listen to your body; don’t do anything the instructor suggests if it hurts, your body knows better than the instructor does and it knows better than you.

6. You  will get the same benefit from your class as someone that has done a practice  for 10 years as long as you do your best and always remember your best is good enough.

7. Your journey is just beginning, have patience and trust in the future, good things happen here.

8. Your journey is different from the person next to you, you each start from a different place and have a different path.

9. Yoga will find what you need, because all of the answers are within us we just need to listen.

10. Yoga will teach you to listen, it will shut out the clutter and let you hear what is important for your journey.

We look forward to helping you on your journey.



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