Less Time Equals More Time

Crunched for time! We all have 24 hours in a day. But work and sleep consume most of it so we want to make the most of what valuable time we have left. Hangout or Workout? The days are getting longer and warmer and we all want to take advantage of that. We also know

Children’s Yoga is here!

Yoga benefits everyone! Kid’s Yoga 1 – Designed for children 6-11 years, this class encourages an expanded sense of body awareness. Your child will experience yoga poses, breathing exercises, imagery, and relaxation techniques. Flowing sequences will be used to guide them through the active class to promote the benefits of yoga. Kid’s Yoga 2 – Designed for

Introducing Piloxing

Introducing Piloxing! Here at The Yoga Experience I strive to make your fitness workout experience FUN and CHALLENGING, not boring. That’s why I’ve added this new fusion workout to the list of classes offered at the studio. I want to keep it fresh and fun so you’ll have no excuse not to workout. Katie (Moulton)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events   Saturday June 6th from 8:30am to 11:30am The 2nd Annual Yoga Experience March of Dimes Fundraiser Join us at The Yoga Experience – 1555 SE Delaware Avenue, Suite J, Ankeny. For a free-will donation you can come and experience our style of Yoga, Barre and Zumba. Open to everyone, stop by and

Yoga for Healing

Yoga working in health and healing depends on each one of us taking the lead in our own care. It’s not a passive role. We’re not simply recipients of treatment from experts who know better. We are each in charge of an amazing array of healing powers. We each play the most important role in